Company cash flow statement For the financial year ended 26 January

Cash flows from operating activities
Operating loss(0.1)(1.1)
Share option charge1.1
Decrease in trade and other receivables1.2
Increase in trade and other payables69.4252.3
Cash generated from operations69.3253.5
Corporation taxes received8.36.8
Net cash from operating activities77.6260.3
Cash flows from investing activities
Dividends received500.0200.0
Net cash from investing activities500.0200.0
Cash flows from financing activities
Repurchase of own shares(241.9)(291.1)
Purchase of shares by ESOT(123.0)(106.7)
Proceeds from disposal of shares by ESOT43.467.6
Repayment of unsecured bank loans(115.0)
Net proceeds from bond issue and tender153.3
Interest paid(23.0)(23.7)
Interest received0.21.0
Dividends paid(147.7)(135.1)
Net cash from financing activities(492.0)(449.7)
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents85.610.6
Opening cash and cash equivalents10.6
Closing cash and cash equivalents96.210.6