Consolidated statement of comprehensive income For the financial year ended 26 January

Profit for the year508.6474.8
Other comprehensive income and expenses
Exchange differences on translation of foreign operations(2.0)
Gains on cash flow hedges1.615.6
Actuarial losses on defined benefit pension scheme21(19.7)(28.5)
Tax relating to components of other comprehensive income76.94.5
Reclassification adjustments
Transferred to income statement on cash flow hedges3(4.5)5.0
Transferred to the carrying amount of hedged items on cash flow hedges(0.3)(5.9)
Exchange gains transferred to income statement on disposal of subsidiary(0.6)
Other comprehensive expense for the year(16.0)(11.9)
Total comprehensive income for the year492.6462.9
Attributable to:
Equity holders of the parent company492.7463.0
Non-controlling interest(0.1)(0.1)
Total comprehensive income for the year492.6462.9